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Crowned Eagle Entertainment


Crowned Eagle Entertainment, New York City's promotional GIANT! 

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Welcome to Crowned Eagle Entertainment.

Crowned Eagle Entertainment has grown to become a far more recognizable name in underground music and entertainment than it was in 2007 when it's founder, M.C. Too Tall took it upon himself to record his own music on his own budget gradually piecing together both the physical equipment and the networking necessary to achieve any degree of success even in underground music. Today, he is one of the top 20 most mentioned figures in underground music entertainment and Crowned Eagle Entertainment is recognized as an actual recording label rather than the psychotic creepy dreams of a "weird and lonely guy" from around the corner and has in fact expanded to apparel and live event booking for shows at the premeir hot spots throughout New York City. 
Now... Enjoy the site.

PHO - For The Streets
PHO - For The Streets EP

Download "Killa-Killa Outpost" Deluxe Gold Edition on iTunes!
M.C. Too Tall - Killa-Killa Outpost (2010)

The Greater Good EP
JoB - The Greater Good EP

Download "A Fiery Red Horse" on iTunes!
M.C. Too Tall - A Fiery Red Horse (2011)

M.C. Too Tall Mug
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What and why!!?


There's a growing philosophy that if no label is willing to sign you or even listen to your music, you best make your own and most artists not only get their music and merch out there with a shorter wait time via this route but it actually costs the artists less in the long run and they don't have to deal with company policy as they are their own boss. Case in point here at Crowned Eagle Entertainment, an independent music recording label founded by the Master of Sound Quality and Keeper of the Chalice, M.C. Too Tall.  


Temporarily, OW! Productions  has allowed Crowned Eagle Entertainment to receive mail at OW! mailbox. If you have any questions comments complaints or most importantly, money for M.C. Too Tall who is really John A. Krantz and unfortunately can't cash a check or money order using the name, M.C. Too Tall, the address is as follows:
John A. Krantz
c/o OW! Productions
Box 220
7304 5th Ave
Brooklyn NY 11208
To order the famous M.C.Too Tall and Crowned Eagle apparel, go to the Crowned Eagle Clothes page.






Crowned Eagle Entertainment
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