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Welcome again to my site for the massively popular entertainment machine known to the world as Crowned Eagle Entertainment. 
This is the home of some of underground music's most innovative artists and influences. Any album that features or is produced by a member of Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. Any live performance featuring anyone from Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. It is my goal to see 
talent the majors don't see and to display what the political asylum that is called main stream music withholds from a public that deserves to hear it. I, myself, have outlasted and out-performed many artists that were said to be much better than me as critics who are destined to be chained to the lake of fire for not taking a professional unbiased approach when critiquing the results of my hard work then quietly limp away in morbid deadly frustration. 
This site and associated social network pages are for your enjoyment and celebration of the longevity of the entertainment and music career of M.C. Too Tall and associated individuals. Not to spew lies about us. That being said, all comments within good taste are welcome and remember censorship is an outrage!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Hokey Pokey Boom Boom and the Forty Thieves... with Knives
Let me start off by saying though not a big time ooga booga fan of organized religion and church policies, I do not see the necessity in driving faith (which is something different) into extinction. I don't turn my back on a person based on them being Muslim, Jewish or Hindu or whatever else just because I was born to acknowledge and accept the teachings of Christianity. Preservation of a person's right to religious practice should be defended just as much as anything else in the Bill of Rights. Abolishment of religion would be a violation of individual rights. There is already a separation of church and state that was installed to protect the church from the state just as much as the state from the church. I believe regardless of quirks that each religion has, within each lies a necessary structure. I acknowledge a supreme creator of everything and address him as "God" and under the United States Constitution, you don't have to and in fact you also may take wherever I put the word "acknowledge" and replace it with the words "believe in" as you wish but please understand that there are people who respect God more than any human being walking the earth (all kidding aside, cops, judges, lawmakers, friends, family, spouses, soldiers, other military personell and the President of the United States are all human beings). That being said, these are not people who will obey any state law that mandates violation of their respective holy scripture. Thus, disallowing ALL speech, literature and acts regarding a person's religious views in society will be met with opposition by these very same people, many of whom are positions of power in their own right. Unless there was a campaign to make it seem that admitting to be a Christian, Muslim or Jew or whatever else is shunned and not to be done among the in-crowd turning the in-crowd itself against any acknowledgement of God, then it would be easier because it's just not cool to believe in that "silliness" anymore. We are who we are meant to be with regards to faith just the same as national origin and all the cultural stuff that surrounds that and it is what helps shape the individual. The people who kill over religion are, always have throughout world history and always will be a fanatical minority. As a special footnote, those who go on a mission to abolish public expression of religion into extinction are in a sense religious fanatics because of how fanatical they are about shunning all theism. Also keep in mind that by supporting any aspect of a person who does not dismiss the Holy Bible or any other holy scripture as bullshit, you are supporting all aspects of that person even if they don't coincide with some if not all aspects of you... But FEAR NOT! Non-coinciding does not necessarily have to equal conflict of interest. Uninhibited sex and science bless you. 
5:42 am est 

What is your idea of morality?

"I bring the thug life element to a work environment and these nasty ass managers and what not wanna discriminate. Their ass just jealous 'cause they wanna do it but they're all scared of their superintendents and all that." - unknown philosopher

3:27 am est 

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