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Welcome again to my site for the massively popular entertainment machine known to the world as Crowned Eagle Entertainment. 
This is the home of some of underground music's most innovative artists and influences. Any album that features or is produced by a member of Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. Any live performance featuring anyone from Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. It is my goal to see 
talent the majors don't see and to display what the political asylum that is called main stream music withholds from a public that deserves to hear it. I, myself, have outlasted and out-performed many artists that were said to be much better than me as critics who are destined to be chained to the lake of fire for not taking a professional unbiased approach when critiquing the results of my hard work then quietly limp away in morbid deadly frustration. 
This site and associated social network pages are for your enjoyment and celebration of the longevity of the entertainment and music career of M.C. Too Tall and associated individuals. Not to spew lies about us. That being said, all comments within good taste are welcome and remember censorship is an outrage!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Why, John... WHY!!?

Though all who are a part of Crowned Eagle Entertainment are talented and have earned their keep, not everyone with talent can join the nest as some would think and while not all exits from Crowned Eagle Entertainment are final, desecrating the nest is not tolerated whatsoever. The roster includes D.J. Spoke, Frankie Robo, Scarlett Venom, Mr. Danceman, C to the Z, Italian Ice, Luna Vega and JōB. 
I've been asked why this one and why that one etcetera and it goes like this. 
Everyone recruited from the founding date thru 2009 are friends of mine who have been a part of my music life from years earlier except for Mr. Danceman who I met in 2008 through Italian Ice. He had an idea to make a song and I helped him with it and in the process we became good friends as well. 
JōB was with another label prior to coming under our wing in 2012. Through very brief negotiation, I was able to acquire this talented songwriter and vocalist for Crowned Eagle Entertainment. His EP is on iTunes and you should download it. 
Scarlett Venom, who I recently married, had previous experience as a dancer and so I added her to my own live showcases in 2010 with the DJ who was working with me at the time. I was also incorporating her into key vocal parts of some of my songs. Hearing her plight on wanting to be a DJ herself, I graced and granted her that opportunity and honor in 2011 as my DJ at that time started missing gigs. Thus as soon as he left Crowned Eagle right at the beginning of 2012, she went right behind the mixer and became my main DJ and has been in that spot ever since. 
This leaves our latest acquisition, Luna Vega. Luna hasn't been in the scene very long but in her months working for the Pyramid Club, I saw she wasn't just a dancer. She promoted and promoted vigorously. Wherever there was Luna, there was a crowd. Thus it simply makes good business sense to have someone with that kind of promotional ability as part of the team. Especially if there is to be an extension of Crowned Eagle Entertainment into party events. Though I found at least half the management of the original venue slated for the launch of our first party event unnecessarily excessively rigid, I haven't given up on finding a venue to do this. We already have Gunnie from the long running POV parties on deck and ready to spin as soon as we do hook up with the right venue.  
Meantime, it is August 26, 2013 and I'm inviting all who are reading this to come to my Crash 'n' Burn Birthday Bash 8PM Wednesday September 4, 2013 at Otto's Shrunken Head 538 East 14th Street in New York City. Free admission to everyone 21 and over with identification. Proceeding my performance with the edgy edgy badass Scarlett Venom are the Rewd Onez, Validation, Brute Force and Snakemonster for a hardcore celebration of me being 44 and sexy. Back off! I'm married! But you can still enjoy the show and what goes on in your head when you're with whoever you're with when you go home after the show is your business. See you at OTTO'S!!! 
Thank You 
M.C. Too Tall, Master of Sound Quality 

3:32 am edt 

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