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Welcome again to my site for the massively popular entertainment machine known to the world as Crowned Eagle Entertainment. 
This is the home of some of underground music's most innovative artists and influences. Any album that features or is produced by a member of Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. Any live performance featuring anyone from Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. It is my goal to see 
talent the majors don't see and to display what the political asylum that is called main stream music withholds from a public that deserves to hear it. I, myself, have outlasted and out-performed many artists that were said to be much better than me as critics who are destined to be chained to the lake of fire for not taking a professional unbiased approach when critiquing the results of my hard work then quietly limp away in morbid deadly frustration. 
This site and associated social network pages are for your enjoyment and celebration of the longevity of the entertainment and music career of M.C. Too Tall and associated individuals. Not to spew lies about us. That being said, all comments within good taste are welcome and remember censorship is an outrage!

Thank you.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017


Have a great day! 

5:56 am est 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

About Kleng and VampireFreaks...

I come to find I am temporarily suspended again from VampireFreaks. For those who don't know, it's a site with fucked up moderators with their cliques and phony European style gossip and bullshit. So I said something about this fucked up person named Kleng on there and she's a fuck and she's fucked up so you might say she's a fucked up fuck for fucking with me in 2015 and so I addressed her fuckedupness recently in 2017 and apparently someone was fucked up enough to think my shit was fucked up enough to temporarily suspend me. This isn't my first and I guarantee won't be my last suspension from this site that is monitored by fucked up people. These people who moderate the site are not the gold standard of whatever the fuck it is they're supposed to represent. The site is plagued... PLAGUED with fucked up people who cyber bully on a regular basis. The group pages are called "cults" and there's this one "cult" called nyc that is moderated by fucked up people who aren't even from New York and I doubt the cunts ever even visited here. I'm counterculture to the fucking core. I'm the bombastic bastard counterculture scumbag they fear might say something too "shocking" that their nerdy asses can't handle. What it is to be goth cannot be found anywhere on that site, Kleng is a fucking idiot and a fucked up fuck of an idiot at that and God will punish all who are responsible for this latest temporary suspension from the VampireFreaks website.  

7:20 pm est 

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