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The second installment of the Killa series, named after the second horse of the Apocalipse finds your fearless leader, M.C. Too Tall further defining his sound of fusion of ghetto ass hip hop and spooky goth industrial rolled into one amazing genre that has huge massive following. This time around we hear more duets with Scarlett Venom and Italian Ice as well as a guest appearance by D.J. Spaz. As the title suggests, M.C. Too Tall brings the fury and the fire with songs like "The Last Days in Time" "GSRS" (in two versions), "LMAO" and a remake of his 2007 classic, "Pass The Peas". It is a treat for the everyone as it bears the parental advisory sticker but has no curse words. Worth listening to. Take it from us here at Crowned Eagle Entertainment!   

The fourth M.C. Too Tall album and the first in the KILLA series has guest appearences by industrial, goth, synth great D.J. Therma-Nuke, world renowned former fetish model Scarlett Venom, former P.H.O. co-member D.J. Spoke, greatest rapper in all of Bensonhurst Italian Ice, international superstar Mr. Danceman, the Subway Serenader, Mikey Oldsmobile and the Vondells drummer Steve Killah Pang! This album contains the hit songs "The Revamp" and "Like A Freak". 

The third solo album by M.C. Too Tall caps off the Series of Unparalleled Greatness. M.C. Too Tall mixed, engineered, rapped the most complex lyrics and rhyme schemes, drew that rocket ship and designed the album artwork all himself because he is real no matter who gets offended by his claims of being real. The album features "Mosh To This" w/Jonesy & Jessica Carmen and  a live version of "The Wave" at Brooklyn's world famous Southpaw music venue w/Box Of Crayons. 

This second album by M.C. Too Tall has been said by many to be far more advanced than the previous "Conglomerate" featuring some industrial rap classics like "By Design", "Support Team" and "Hellfire/Brimstone" and guest appearances by Timms, D.J. Spoke, Italian Ice, C to the Z, Mikey Oldsmobile, and Box Of Crayons.

Where to get one:
Buy these albums at Bleecker Bob's in New York City and you can find a gold deluxe (7 track) edition of Killa-Killa Outpost as well as A Fiery Red Horse on iTunes!
M.C. Too Tall, the Master of Sound Quality
Where do goths go? What do they do?