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Welsome again to my site for the massively popular entertainment machine known to the world as Crowned Eagle Entertainment. 
This is the home of some of underground music's most innovative artists and influences. Any album that features or is produced by a member of Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. Any live performance featuring anyone from Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. It is my goal to see 
talent the majors don't see and to display what the political asylum that is called main stream music withholds from a public that deserves to hear it. I, myself, have outlasted and out-performed many artists that were said to be much better than me as critics who are destined to be chained to the lake of fire for not taking a professional unbiased approach when critiquing the results of my hard work then quietly limp away in morbid deadly frustration. 
This site and associated social network pages are for your enjoyment and celebration of the longevity of the entertainment and music career of M.C. Too Tall and associated individuals. Not to spew lies about us. That being said, all comments within good taste are welcome and remember censorship is an outrage!

Thank you.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Future of Rock SWIIM Recap and Some Talk About ElevAtioN
Just catching up and touching base, yo. 
Last Monday October 20th I performed at the Future of Rock Hiphoptober SWIIM event for my friend Jo Brown. Big ups to her, by the way for continuing to do the SWIIM showcase each and every third Monday of the month at one of my favorite spots ever which OF COURSE is Otto's Shrunken Head. Like everything else that pleases me, I declare that place a gift from God. Anyway, the show itself was awesome. 
I got into the building and Chaz Kangas was already underway. The wit of Chaz Kangas is just astounding. Very tongue in cheek sort of material. After Chaz was Superking Armor and that dude brings fire with him. I really like the energy he brings to the stage and how people get involved with the set. He has that special ability to get the people pumped at will. Though my precious Scarlett was ill, she got up on stage with me and the badass in her came out once more and we had done a set that the massive crowd was pleased with. People think we're untouchable immortal beings. Works for us. Let them think that. It sells drinks and tickets. Following us was the ever-talented Kelly Rickley of the duo 2 Giraffes. She's a phenomenal spoken word artist who often recites while her partner Kevin Massey plays guitar but with Kevin out of town, Kelly flies solo for now. One of my favorite pieces by her is "Ode to an Ugly Muppet" which astonished first time listeners in the room. Lastly, filling in for Kalil Johnson was Tigress Zoo from Queens and according to Scarlett who has an ear for talent, it was worth the wait. Great show, overall and I'm looking forward to the next booking. It's always fun to work with Jo Brown. Those SWIIM nights are just astounding. 
In other news, brace yourselves for the ElevAtioN One Year Anniversary event which will be Friday November 14th in a currently undisclosed location that could be either Arrow Bar, Pyramid Club or a cute and quaint little place in Brooklyn that I know of. There will be no live bands for this one but we are loading this up with a whole bunch of real talent on the mixer. All in and committed are of course, our two residents, D.J. 5witch.Hitter and D.J. Komrade and Velocity's Alex Von Nihil. We might also have D.J. Grave and the world renowned D.J. Jove on board. As anyone following us may know, D.J. Jove owned the 2FL Brooklyn Loft where ElevAtioN was first launched nearly a year ago. Now, ElevAtioN is that go-to dark dance music party that lives up to it's expectations as the Gateway to Gotham and DRAMA FREE ZONE and we at Crowned Eagle Entertainment, as a show of appreciation for the massive support of ElevAtioN during it's first year are committed to give you something to remember for all time come November 14th. 
For now, stay strong and keep kickin' dat slang!  
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

For The Streets Released Onto Public October 9th!!!
Thanks to everyone who showed up to Hotel Chantelle to the release party of "For The Streets" October 9th. The party was just astounding. It was like a who's who of the underground culture that has embraced M.C. Too Tall and Crowned Eagle Entertainment. Matty Rebel McCloud and his fiancé MeeMee are such awesome hosts. I met them about 2 years ago through our own Luna Vega who was also in attendance. Also in attendance was Lulu Kramer who many of you reading this may associate with Cybertron, Stimulate and Lewd and Lucky. Loads of others were there as well. 
Overall the event was a super success and that guy standing in front of the deli where nobody who eats there wants him to be wasn't there. Thanks again for the support and don't be surprised to hear more from PHO (Puttin' Headz Out). 
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Calabrese Concert and PHO EP Release Party
What's good, my people! 
Let me first say this is the second time this year I went to go see Calabrese this year and once again, they did not disappoint. This time, the wife and I were right up by the stage. Some of the crowd started a mosh pit and let me tell you somethin', buddy boi, I'm married to a BADASS! She got knocked down only once and got up and the guy who knocked her down got knocked down by her. The fast and furious flying fists of Scarlett Venom, I tell ya! BADASS! 
Calabrese, an Arizona based three piece horror rock band did songs from their two recent albums and these guys know how to entertain a crowd. Jimmy on bass and Bobby on guitar trading off vocals with Davey, "the big firm one", as Scarlett calls him, whaling on drums make for an unforgettable night that I highly endorse and recommend. That being said and being this is the Crowned Eagle Entertainment site, let us move onto something Crowned Eagle Entertainment related. Shall we? 
As mentioned, with the blessings of Robo and Spoke, our '90s project, P.H.O. is back from the depths of distant obscurity and back to the forefront 16 years after the release of the last P.H.O. single. This time around, we have a 5 track EP called "For The Streets" and the release date for this truly music history making EP is Thursday October 9, 2014... That's TONIGHT!!! 
The EP includes the songs "Devil's Cookie", "Fukshitup" and "Answer Your Phone" which for some odd reason unknown to me is considered by some critics to be controversial. 
There's a Facebook event page with the location of the release party being Hotel Chantelle in Manhattan's Lower East Side. While I cannot account for Robo or Spoke or even myself being there, Crowned Eagle Entertainment will be properly represented there with one of our more prominent personalities in the building. But you never know. One of us can always pop in at the last minute. Wouldn't that be something? Hope to see you soon as I will be in the streets and clubs and other local businesses selling these things out personally. 
To my people, stay strong and keep kickin' dat slang!  

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PHO's For The Streets Release Date Set for October 9th
Okay, okay. We've agreed on a release date for the new PHO EP, "For The Streets". 
It will be on October 9th and that's a significant date in music history. Yes, as many know, it is the birthday of the late Beetle, John Lennon but it is also the birthday of a living legend who's music I identify with, a man I correspond with quite often and I'm proud to call "uncle", Al Jourgensen of Ministry, RevCo, 1000 Homo DJs and PTP. #greatguy 
Uncle Al works well with Italians 👍 as noted by his recruiting of the late Mike Saccia in the late '80s for an all new Ministry. He's been in the music business for close to four decades and has battled many demons and has won. His music has influenced so many other artists which in turn sparked the industrial revolution in music and even I myself switched up my style of music to fuse electronic industrial with hip hop largely from listening to Ministry and RevCo. 
Unclear if we will do a release party but I will keep you posted. I'm the big shot of the neighborhood. Ya know? 

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

M.C. Too Tall Defends the Integrity of Mr. Danceman
Glenn Rossi (Mr. Danceman) has been a part of Crowned Eagle Entertainment since 2009. He has one song with our label under his belt ("Girls That Swallow") and he has hosted some Crowned Eagle events. There is no need for certain people to compare themselves with him just because he has a Crowned Eagle page and they don't. 
Many of you hardly see Glenn and the explanation for that is simple. He has an unusually busy schedule in his regular life so when he is available, it is a special treat for the fans who follow this promotion closely. The man is in a softball league, he emcees big budget parties, sells fine jewelry and still manages to find time for a significant other. I salute Glenn and Glenn is one of us. 
I'll say it again. Whoever has a page on the Crowned Eagle site is there for a reason and belongs there and whoever was there but isn't anymore isn't there anymore for a reason. 
All in all, there is absolutely no reason to scrutinize my decision making as far as who is recognized as one of us and who isn't. If there is a little thumbnail picture of them on the main page of the Crowned Eagle site that leads to a page of their own, they're one of us and that's it. I don't wanna hear it from the non-influential people of the world. If you happen to suck at what you're trying to be known for and you can only be known as the guy the people of the neighborhood laugh at and abuse and throw ice and styrofoam cups at, that's not our problem. Okay? Take a walk. I'm the big shot of the neighborhood. 
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