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Welsome again to my site for the massively popular entertainment machine known to the world as Crowned Eagle Entertainment. 
This is the home of some of underground music's most innovative artists and influences. Any album that features or is produced by a member of Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. Any live performance featuring anyone from Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. It is my goal to see 
talent the majors don't see and to display what the political asylum that is called main stream music withholds from a public that deserves to hear it. I, myself, have outlasted and out-performed many artists that were said to be much better than me as critics who are destined to be chained to the lake of fire for not taking a professional unbiased approach when critiquing the results of my hard work then quietly limp away in morbid deadly frustration. 
This site and associated social network pages are for your enjoyment and celebration of the longevity of the entertainment and music career of M.C. Too Tall and associated individuals. Not to spew lies about us. That being said, all comments within good taste are welcome and remember censorship is an outrage!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Touching Base 1/22/15
What's good, my people? Just touching base as the title for this blog entry suggests. 
Two ElevAtioN installments in at it's new home, Lucky 13 Saloon and I can safely say we have a good spot. Sundays though are tough. We tried but it's very difficult to bring people in on a Sunday. That's usually people's rest day. However, I spoke to Rob, the sound guy and he says it's a go for one Thursday a month and so after my February break, ElevAtioN returns to Lucky 13 on March 12th with Alex Von Nihil as our DJ for the evening and the featured band will be a personal favorite of mine, Box Of Crayons. We get them before their big annual St. Patrick's Day performance at Connolly's in Manhattan. We're calling it the Super Sonic St. Paddy's Day edition and we expect some drinkers in the joint! 
The following month is expected to be good too. The band and DJ I'm in negotiations with are kickass, I tell you! It will be hosted by ElevAtioN's original hostess, none other than the ever popular Luna Vega as it will be an annual birthday shindig for her. That will be Thursday, April 9th. I'm also in negotiations with other bands for future events as ElevAtioN continues to grow! 
In other news, my good friend D.J. Spoke and I have put together another P.H.O. song called "The Onslaught" and we have that posted on the M.C. Too Tall Soundcloud. We're working on another EP that I would like to release by summer which will include this and 5 other songs. 
Last, but not least, I heard some of you have asked about new solo material. Well the title for my first M.C. Too Tall EP will be "Kill M.C. Too Tall" followed by an album called "Aliens Must Die" in 2016 beginning a new 3 part series of albums called the Enlightenment Series. I expect to go super uber esoteric on these albums but you never know if my anger will get in the way and once again change the direction of the production. I do assure you, as I'm not getting any younger, I am trying really hard to move away from the angry lyrics and production. We shall see. 
Well, there you have it. That's what I got for you for now. Stay strong and keep kickin' dat slang! I'm M.C. Too Tall. Word. 

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Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 into 2015
Though I performed only 4 times all year, I am very pleased with the way 2014 turned out. 
I built up ElevAtioN to be as popular as any other local alternative party event, resurrected PHO, put together an entire PHO EP in a matter of 12 weeks and all while holding Crowned Eagle Entertainment to a higher standard. Sure, some sacrifice (unfortunately not blood) was made but the more dedicated and hard working members of the nest remain on board. Some shifting and shuffling was done with the remaining members. In addition, I am oh so very proud to take one more step toward balancing the male to female ratio among the members by adding a new female member to the nest. 
As mentioned quite a few times already, it is an important goal of mine to have approximately as many female members on board as males. Our latest acquisition is Elena Bretanøva. Elena was a dancer at some of the tri-state area's more popular nightclubs and has recently taken up dancing again at the world famous Pyramid Club and at Lit Lounge, both in New York's Lower East Side. Her debut as a member of our nest was at Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn on Sunday December 14, 2014 when we moved ElevAtioN there. While we're on this groundbreaking subject, let me stress that this proud new member is not a replacement to any of the previously recruited members. Luna Vega, for example, is still working with us and still does part time promotional work for our operation and Scarlett Venom isn't going anywhere either as she is an important component to Crowned Eagle Entertainment. We basically now have a cohesive team in our nest ready to take on whatever tasks lie before us in 2015. 
What about 2015? Like all years prior it's all about investing time and funds into, of course, Crowned Eagle Entertainment. Building on our name and good reputation, having several different event brands and of course, the music! Spoke and I are currently working on a new PHO single called "Onslaught" to be part of our next EP and Scarlett and I are working on a song called "You Can't Kill Me" and some other new M.C. Too Tall music. It's way too early to set a date for the release of a new M.C. Too Tall album. I just might release a 6 song EP and call it "Kill M.C. Too Tall!!!" or an entire album called "Aliens Must Die"! Who knows where the creative flow will take me? The new year hasn't even started yet! Keep in mind, there is some never heard before backlogged C to the Z material I expect to release for download as well. We'll see, as I always say. As I stated earlier, the new year hasn't even started yet! 
I do know this however. Having been off the stage for so long, I'm itching to return and so is Scarlett Venom (who I must remind everyone is my WIFE as if there are any subscribers who actually don't know this by now). Thus after all this time promoting ElevAtioN, I decided I'm finally ready to make my debut as a performer at our own monthly event. It looks like my 2015 will begin January 11, 2015 at Lucky 13 with the January White Noise Edition of ElevAtioN featuring the return of Chaz PsyKoticZ, a guest DJ set by the incomparable D.J. Grave, Elena Bretanøva entertaining the boys and girls in the front room and on stage, yours truly with the edgy edgy BADASS D.J. Scarlett Venom! Let's Kick this year off like it's supposed to be for my ghoulish homies and ladyslaves. The dark and angry industrial fun begins 11PM Sunday January 11, 2015 at the NEW Lucky 13 Saloon 644 Sackett Street in Brooklyn just a couple of exits after the Manhattan bridge for all you Manhattanites and non-Brooklynites in general who seem to believe the cooler parties in Brooklyn are across the Williamsburg Bridge. You haven't seen real action in Brooklyn until you've come south of Atlantic Avenue. See you at Lucky 13! \m/ 
Here's the link for the place to be. 
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Social Media and Someone Other Than Me Perpetuating the Madness
So che la gente nelle grandi alture alto sopra gli alberi quindi se non stai attento ci si trova in grossi guai con grandi persone! That being said, have a good one everybody. Ciao! 
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Friday, October 31, 2014

The October 30th Michale Graves Show and a Little Bit about ElevAtioN
Yeah. We do a lot of concentration on our own art and music where we don't have the same time on our hands as your average joe blow to check out other people's music unless it's who we would classify as our contemporaries (which include some Hip Hop artists but are mostly industrial or punk artists) so when we go out to check out someone on a higher tier of notoriety we make sure to agree on someone good. We were both torn between La Coka Nostra with Vinnie Paz and Immortal Technique in Manhattan and former Misfits frontman Michale Graves in Brooklyn. The sold out La Coka tixx kinda helped my decision along. 
Scarlett recently saw Graves at Blackthorn 51 in Queens and she had previously seen him with the Misfits some years ago but this show I saw with her at Coco 66 in Greenpoint Brooklyn was my first time seeing anything Misfits related live and Michale Graves and his band are now my people! \m/
Michale's voice is unchanged since back in the day hitting every note of all his solo material plus all the popular Michale Graves era Misfits songs including "Scream", one of my favorites. He also did "American Psycho" and a song called "Casket" which I really liked. I think he did close to 30 songs. He even did some Type O Negative songs. 
This isn't a widely known story but Michale shared his story with the audience about Jerry and Doyle looking for a new lead vocalist for the reincarnated Misfits and reaching out to the iconic Peter Steele. After going over the lyrics and melodies of the Misfits songs, Peter then referred them to Michale Graves and history was made. I have to say, Peter was right. He was too dark with too physically large of a presence to be part of the second gen Misfits and even the earlier Danzig written songs are too upbeat for the late Type O Negative founder and frontman. Plus the commitment to be a Misfit would've taken away from the notch in history that Peter carved out with Type O negative. The man had an ear for music and knew what fit where. 
Overall, we both enjoyed the show. We took pictures with Michale and Scarlett even got an autographed section of the set list. Pretty cool. 
Speaking of famous people and stuff, we're closing in on a deal with a venue for ElevAtioN and thankfully there will be plenty of time to promote it and drum up support. For this will be the one year anniversary and it's gonna be fire, I tell you! We intend to bring you past alumni with astounding guest DJs. The venue is to be announced within a week's time and it is a venue not previously mentioned or even hinted before. Things are gonna get a little crazy, now. Until then, I say stay strong and keep kickin' dat slang! I'm M.C. Too Tall AKA Kilka-Kilka-4-Reel! \m/ 
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Future of Rock SWIIM Recap and Some Talk About ElevAtioN
Just catching up and touching base, yo. 
Last Monday October 20th I performed at the Future of Rock Hiphoptober SWIIM event for my friend Jo Brown. Big ups to her, by the way for continuing to do the SWIIM showcase each and every third Monday of the month at one of my favorite spots ever which OF COURSE is Otto's Shrunken Head. Like everything else that pleases me, I declare that place a gift from God. Anyway, the show itself was awesome. 
I got into the building and Chaz Kangas was already underway. The wit of Chaz Kangas is just astounding. Very tongue in cheek sort of material. After Chaz was Superking Armor and that dude brings fire with him. I really like the energy he brings to the stage and how people get involved with the set. He has that special ability to get the people pumped at will. Though my precious Scarlett was ill, she got up on stage with me and the badass in her came out once more and we had done a set that the massive crowd was pleased with. People think we're untouchable immortal beings. Works for us. Let them think that. It sells drinks and tickets. Following us was the ever-talented Kelly Rickley of the duo 2 Giraffes. She's a phenomenal spoken word artist who often recites while her partner Kevin Massey plays guitar but with Kevin out of town, Kelly flies solo for now. One of my favorite pieces by her is "Ode to an Ugly Muppet" which astonished first time listeners in the room. Lastly, filling in for Kalil Johnson was Tigress Zoo from Queens and according to Scarlett who has an ear for talent, it was worth the wait. Great show, overall and I'm looking forward to the next booking. It's always fun to work with Jo Brown. Those SWIIM nights are just astounding. 
In other news, brace yourselves for the ElevAtioN One Year Anniversary event which will be Friday November 14th in a currently undisclosed location that could be either Arrow Bar, Pyramid Club or a cute and quaint little place in Brooklyn that I know of. There will be no live bands for this one but we are loading this up with a whole bunch of real talent on the mixer. All in and committed are of course, our two residents, D.J. 5witch.Hitter and D.J. Komrade and Velocity's Alex Von Nihil. We might also have D.J. Grave and the world renowned D.J. Jove on board. As anyone following us may know, D.J. Jove owned the 2FL Brooklyn Loft where ElevAtioN was first launched nearly a year ago. Now, ElevAtioN is that go-to dark dance music party that lives up to it's expectations as the Gateway to Gotham and DRAMA FREE ZONE and we at Crowned Eagle Entertainment, as a show of appreciation for the massive support of ElevAtioN during it's first year are committed to give you something to remember for all time come November 14th. 
For now, stay strong and keep kickin' dat slang!  
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

For The Streets Released Onto Public October 9th!!!
Thanks to everyone who showed up to Hotel Chantelle to the release party of "For The Streets" October 9th. The party was just astounding. It was like a who's who of the underground culture that has embraced M.C. Too Tall and Crowned Eagle Entertainment. Matty Rebel McCloud and his fiancé MeeMee are such awesome hosts. I met them about 2 years ago through our own Luna Vega who was also in attendance. Also in attendance was Lulu Kramer who many of you reading this may associate with Cybertron, Stimulate and Lewd and Lucky. Loads of others were there as well. 
Overall the event was a super success and that guy standing in front of the deli where nobody who eats there wants him to be wasn't there. Thanks again for the support and don't be surprised to hear more from PHO (Puttin' Headz Out). 
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Calabrese Concert and PHO EP Release Party
What's good, my people! 
Let me first say this is the second time this year I went to go see Calabrese this year and once again, they did not disappoint. This time, the wife and I were right up by the stage. Some of the crowd started a mosh pit and let me tell you somethin', buddy boi, I'm married to a BADASS! She got knocked down only once and got up and the guy who knocked her down got knocked down by her. The fast and furious flying fists of Scarlett Venom, I tell ya! BADASS! 
Calabrese, an Arizona based three piece horror rock band did songs from their two recent albums and these guys know how to entertain a crowd. Jimmy on bass and Bobby on guitar trading off vocals with Davey, "the big firm one", as Scarlett calls him, whaling on drums make for an unforgettable night that I highly endorse and recommend. That being said and being this is the Crowned Eagle Entertainment site, let us move onto something Crowned Eagle Entertainment related. Shall we? 
As mentioned, with the blessings of Robo and Spoke, our '90s project, P.H.O. is back from the depths of distant obscurity and back to the forefront 16 years after the release of the last P.H.O. single. This time around, we have a 5 track EP called "For The Streets" and the release date for this truly music history making EP is Thursday October 9, 2014... That's TONIGHT!!! 
The EP includes the songs "Devil's Cookie", "Fukshitup" and "Answer Your Phone" which for some odd reason unknown to me is considered by some critics to be controversial. 
There's a Facebook event page with the location of the release party being Hotel Chantelle in Manhattan's Lower East Side. While I cannot account for Robo or Spoke or even myself being there, Crowned Eagle Entertainment will be properly represented there with one of our more prominent personalities in the building. But you never know. One of us can always pop in at the last minute. Wouldn't that be something? Hope to see you soon as I will be in the streets and clubs and other local businesses selling these things out personally. 
To my people, stay strong and keep kickin' dat slang!  

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PHO's For The Streets Release Date Set for October 9th
Okay, okay. We've agreed on a release date for the new PHO EP, "For The Streets". 
It will be on October 9th and that's a significant date in music history. Yes, as many know, it is the birthday of the late Beetle, John Lennon but it is also the birthday of a living legend who's music I identify with, a man I correspond with quite often and I'm proud to call "uncle", Al Jourgensen of Ministry, RevCo, 1000 Homo DJs and PTP. #greatguy 
Uncle Al works well with Italians 👍 as noted by his recruiting of the late Mike Saccia in the late '80s for an all new Ministry. He's been in the music business for close to four decades and has battled many demons and has won. His music has influenced so many other artists which in turn sparked the industrial revolution in music and even I myself switched up my style of music to fuse electronic industrial with hip hop largely from listening to Ministry and RevCo. 
Unclear if we will do a release party but I will keep you posted. I'm the big shot of the neighborhood. Ya know? 

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

M.C. Too Tall Defends the Integrity of Mr. Danceman
Glenn Rossi (Mr. Danceman) has been a part of Crowned Eagle Entertainment since 2009. He has one song with our label under his belt ("Girls That Swallow") and he has hosted some Crowned Eagle events. There is no need for certain people to compare themselves with him just because he has a Crowned Eagle page and they don't. 
Many of you hardly see Glenn and the explanation for that is simple. He has an unusually busy schedule in his regular life so when he is available, it is a special treat for the fans who follow this promotion closely. The man is in a softball league, he emcees big budget parties, sells fine jewelry and still manages to find time for a significant other. I salute Glenn and Glenn is one of us. 
I'll say it again. Whoever has a page on the Crowned Eagle site is there for a reason and belongs there and whoever was there but isn't anymore isn't there anymore for a reason. 
All in all, there is absolutely no reason to scrutinize my decision making as far as who is recognized as one of us and who isn't. If there is a little thumbnail picture of them on the main page of the Crowned Eagle site that leads to a page of their own, they're one of us and that's it. I don't wanna hear it from the non-influential people of the world. If you happen to suck at what you're trying to be known for and you can only be known as the guy the people of the neighborhood laugh at and abuse and throw ice and styrofoam cups at, that's not our problem. Okay? Take a walk. I'm the big shot of the neighborhood. 
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sleazy Cyberstalkers
SOME PEOPLE of the neighborhood need to STOP trying to seduce the female members and associates of Crowned Eagle Entertainment through social media by sending friend requests that are repeatedly rejected. That's sleazy, that's filthy, that's disturbing and creepy. Not only the neighborhood but the world at large would surly be a better place without these creepy cyberstalkers. 
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Big Shots of the World (It's One Big Club and SOME PEOPLE Aren't In It)
LOOK! I understand that there are other big shots out there. Some, if you can believe it, are even bigger big shots than this guy right here. They're all modest and what not. I don't see why but I gotta respect that 'cause we big shots recognize each other as real deal and have a mutual respect for one another. 
See, it's like a club where we exchange valuable information about our next moves, power moves, a little but of behind the scenes stuff, you know, the kinda info that SOME PEOPLE of the neighborhood are not privy to because they're not in the club so to speak. They're not big shots. 
Being a big shot has its advantages. You get first dibs on what's shakin' before it even shakes. You can walk down Stillwell Avenue and be treated with respect instead of having ice and styrofoam cups thrown at you. You know your woman isn't everybody else's woman in the neighborhood when you're a big shot. Some people don't have these privileges so they get mad at the big shot instead of themselves. 
See, everybody is born with the potential and even destiny to become a big shot but they veer off course and instead of doing what they gotta do to get back on course, they curse the people who are on the course who ultimately become a big shot like me. Pure and simple. 
Don't worry about the people who make zero effort to pull themselves out of the ghetto who have something bad to say about you. If you're on course and they're not, that's really what they're mad about. 
I'm a big shot and if you ain't a big shot, don't worry, it ain't the end of the world. If you're not in the club, you can still get by. To all the others all around the world who are actually big shots, I salute you. 
Now, go like my fan page. 
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alright LISTEN!!! 
I got my Crash 'n' Burn Birthday Bash tonight and whoever don't like it can go talk to the freakin' wall about it because it don't change the fact that whoever comes will have a wonderful magical time. I'm not expecting a cake or to be fed alcohol. What I am expecting is one kickass showcase. 
The revised streamlined lineup beginning at 9:00 sharp will be as follows. 
9:00 Little Old Ladies 
10:00 Smooch 
11:00 The Rewd Onez 
12:00 Lynn Haze 
It all takes place at Otto's Shrunken Head 538 E14th St New York City 
...and don't forget I'm the big shot of the neighborhood and there'll be other big shots there who aren't gonna like it if someone who is small potatas comes along tryin' to make a name for themselves. It won't be good if that happens. People like that are escorted out. We don't run those kinda parties. Okay? I'm a big shot. 
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

To the guy that thinks he's a gangster...
To all you wannabes that I've seen enough of in my lifetime, before we get started, let me say that I can state what I'm about state because our streets are no more dangerous now than they were in the '80s. In fact they're much safer. So safe that people are oversensitive to words whereas in the '80s they had no time to worry about someone else's words because they were more concerned with avoiding a fatal confrontation with some junkie. Okay now. Here we go...
You're not fooling anybody. You're not scaring anybody. I'm willing to bet my life that there is no one willing to hand a gun over to you or use one on your behalf. Nobody in the world thinks you're that important to get killed trying to kill somebody that, more than likely, you're the one who started beef with. Guys like you are a dime a dozen and a joke. It's called Cosa Nostra for a reason. Code of Silence, dickheads! Real gangsters kill people who brag about the mob ties they almost never have in reality. 
Let me make this clear. I'm the big time wheelin' dealin' big shot of the neighborhood. You're not tough so cut the shit because I'm the toughest tough guy in all of toughness. Don't make me have to show you with years of humility and training in martial arts can do upside your Headz! Listen! Me and tha boyz weren't called Puttin' Headz Out for no reason or just because it was a cool sounding name. I'm the big shot of the neighborhood, I'm the one with the connections, I'm the one with the power, I'm the one with the influence in the neighborhood and again, you need to cut the shit! 
Now let us talk about the women your kind supposedly gets expecting me to be impressed or jealous or whatever type of way I'm supposed to feel. You guyz talk about all these hot girls you get. Any girls with any redeeming qualities all think guys like you are the sleazy creepy stalker type. Nearly all the girls people like you chase I send away because not a single one is anywhere near as smokin' hot as the sexy lady I married. When it comes to sexiness, Scarlett Venom is the top of the food chain. Plus she could cook Italian better than any italian mother alive and she's not even Italian. 
Don't get me started on how people like you embarrass yourselves in the clubs. Regular people get thrown out of the clubs for fighting. People like you get thrown out of the clubs for being too obnoxious and silly for the ambiance. Again, joke! 
Money? Most people like you are sponges. You sponge off the government, your moms and pops or both. You're not important and have the gall to downplay my relevance. You guyz have the same rap about how much more important you are than me. So if I'm so unimportant, why then is it so important for me to believe you're important? 
Instead of Goodfellas or Scarface, unimportant shitheads like you should watch Human Centipede 2. There's a scene toward the end of that movie where the lead actress sticks a funnel in the lead actor's ass and drops a live centipede down the funnel. Maybe you wannabe gangster types should try that on yourselves. 
#loser #wannabe #gangster #nobody #joke #laughingstock #toughguy #bigshot #neighborhood #brooklyn #realgangsters #ottosshrunkenhead 
I got a show coming up September 4th and if you're not one of these fake gangster types, you're welcome to come. It's free. Stay strong. Keep kickin' dat slang. I'm M.C. Too Tall! 
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

ElevAtioN and Anomaly TOGETHER!!!
Crowned Eagle Entertainment is proud to announce a collaboration of our ElevAtioN party and the long standing Anomaly event. Same address, different date. 

Your live acts: 

Your DJs: 
Mr. Jay (Lobo) 

In addition to mixing your music, D.J. Grave will also be mixing your drinks 
This event will be hosted by Mother Gunnr and co-hosted by our own edgy edgy BADASS Scarlett Venom! 

The Pyramid Club 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Blacklite Bonnie Link
BlackLite Bonnie, an alternative model based out of the New York Metro area has been endorsing M.C. Too Tall and Crowned Eagle Entertainment though social media for about a year now. While she is not an actual member of Crowned Eagle Entertainment, I thought it was very nice of her to do that and figured I would take liberties and return the favor by adding a link to her Facebook page throughout this page. 
A few fun facts about Bonnie are that she is known for donning bright neon colors that glow in black light, hence the name, she has appeared in several publications including calendars, well known alternative magazines and even on the very covers of some of these fine publications. She is a favorite subject of Candylust Photography staff and other prominent photogs such as Joyis Artimus Pain, Shadowraven (Blackheart Photographics) and legendary rock 'n' roll photographer Alan Rand. 
You may find her frequently hosting promoter Xris SMack's monthly Stimulate parties or doing promotional work with Cary Monotreme of fiXe Magazine. She is also all over social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Model Meyhem and VampireFreaks so be sure to say Hi and please be respectful. She worked very hard to be where she is in the industry. 
Now you know. 
#BlackLiteBonnie #CandyLust #AlternativeModel #FetishModel #Pinup  

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Understand this. I'm the godfather of the fusion. Very few can fuse music genres and styles and cultures together like I can. You may call me Godfather. 
All that aside. Come out July 18th. 
Click this link 

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Monday, June 30, 2014

What A FAT Scam!
What a scam. Doctors (who are really evil scientists) misdiagnose a pre-school aged child as having a mental illness that they will convince the parent(s) requires the latest drug, usually some sort of sedative. The insurance covers it and for a good decade and a half, you have a nice calm obedient child that you don't have to go to jail for slapping on the elbow because THAT'S CHILD ABUSE!!! Then they turn 18, no longer eligible for the sedative and all that suppressed rage comes out in less than a year's time. Then the corrupt officials of government make a gun (or several) available to these living sci-lib experiments so they can do EXACTLY what the evil scientists cultivated them to do which serves the purpose of scaring the SHEEPLE (term coned by William Cooper) into disarming themselves, their neighbors and most importantly to them, the militias. WE NEED MILITIAS. They are the ones who respect their oath to defend the Constitution more than the most high ranking military officers or law enforcement officials. Keep the militias armed. Please share this status and continue to support the music and the ways of M.C. Too Tall because this way of thinking and acting upon it MUST BECOME THE NORM. 
Thank you. 8)
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Staff Shifting, Relocation and Cutting Staff

Okay, one and all, just giving you an update on what's going on in the nest here at Crowned Eagle Entertainment. As mentioned in my last entry, we've done some staff shuffling and relocation with the monthly Elevation party that's been going on since November 8th! As a recap of that, we are all grateful to DJ. Jove for letting us do that wonderful event at The 2FL Brooklyn Loft for the five months that we've been doing it there but Elevation is at Pyramid Club in Manhattan now on the THIRD Friday of the month instead of it's previous second Friday, the hostess has voluntarily stepped down as hostess and while still with Crowned Eagle is now working behind the scenes to promote it and the duties of Elevation hostess now go to my WIFE, the edgy edgy badass Scarlett Venom. That being said, we've also recently had to cut one of our artists, a staff member who has been with us since it's very beginnings and has even briefly held an executive position with us a few years back.  
We at Crowned Eagle Entertainment carry our artists and other staff as far as we can but they have to at some point carry their own weight, while keeping themselves free of controversy that can potentially damage the image of all of us as we are all of the same nest. Often, when a member of the nest or anyone from any company, for that matter gets into trouble, damage control is necessary. Fortunately, some problems can be fixed without terminating a staff member's tenure. Unfortunately, however, if that artist or staff member takes that damage control as a personal attack and retaliates with blatant disrespect and slander against the founder and chair, there is no other logical thing to do but cut that artist or staff member. Throw in lack of productivity and grossly excessive failure to follow instructions and the decision becomes more obvious. 
I have visions for Crowned Eagle Entertainment. With a competent team that believes in Crowned Eagle Entertainment, we can all see these visions become missions and accomplishments but even by myself, while it may take longer, I will, no matter what, see Crowned Eagle Entertainment become a reliable and recognizable source for good underground music and entertainment that people will be willing to contribute to in order to keep it going. 
On the human side, I get frustrated. I get frustrated when after all my hard work into this, there are people who still have the gall to treat Crowned Eagle Entertainment as a silly and expensive hobby that they prefer not to be associated with out of embarrassment. That frustration mounts when people who claim they're with me in this for so many years spend those years proving time and time and time again not to take it seriously at all. A person who takes petty personal issues and misconceptions more seriously than the growth of an entity that they came in so gun-ho about supporting is simply not cut out for Crowned Eagle Entertainment. End of story. 
I doubt this will have any bearing on the fans and supporters but in case anyone is offended by this necessary decision, my apologies to those who are but we must move on. 
Meantime, stay strong and keep kickin' dat slang! 

M.C. Too Tall 
Master of Sound Quality 
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scarlett Venom to Host Elevation!
Alright, MY people, the May 16th edition was impromptu and not a lot of people were expected but we made our mark in Manhattan thanks to whoever among you did show and it was awesome. Lynn Haze brought on an amazing set making history as Elevation's first ever live act and we believe we would have no problem welcoming him back sometime in the future. As it was said we're doing a staff shuffle. 
Luna has voluntarily stepped down as hostess but will be continuing to support Crowned Eagle Entertainment, the parent company of this party event from behind the scenes.
The NEW hostess will be the longest standing female member of the nest, none other than the edgy edgy BADASS Scarlett Venom herself. The June 20th edition will be a birthday edition just for her who's actual birthday is just five short days after. She is not scheduled to DJ but will if she feels like it 'cause it's her freaking birthday and she's a BADASS like that.  
So if you haven't RSVP'd yet, please do. We're doing some negotiations to get a band or two featured. Lots of surprises in store as we give you something to prepare for. Elevation, your Gateway to Gotham!  
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Letters from the Chinese People
Letters from The Chinese People 

1. May 9, 2014 9:00AM EST 

Dear Manager,

(If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your CEO,Thanks)

This email is from China domain name registration center, which mainly deal with the domain name registration and dispute internationally in China.
We received an application from Huayuan Ltd on May 5, 2014. They want to register " crownedeagleent " as their Internet Keyword and " crownedeagleent .cn "、" crownedeagleent " 、" crownedeagleent "、" crownedeagleent " domain names etc.., they are in China domain names. But after checking it, we find " crownedeagleent " conflicts with your company. In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not?

Best Regards,
General Manager  
Shanghai Office (Head Office) 

 2. May 22, 2014 9:35PM EST 

Dear Sirs,
Our company based in chinese office, our company has submitted the "crownedeagleent  " as CN(.cn/ domain name and Internet Keyword, we are waiting for Mr. Jim's approval. We think this name is very important for our products in Chinese market. Even though Mr. Jim advises us to change another name, we will persist in this name.
Best regards
Jiang zhihai

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