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This is the home of some of underground music's most innovative artists and influences. Any album that features or is produced by a member of Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. Any live performance featuring anyone from Crowned Eagle Entertainment is taken to a higher level. It is my goal to see 
talent the majors don't see and to display what the political asylum that is called main stream music withholds from a public that deserves to hear it. I, myself, have outlasted and out-performed many artists that were said to be much better than me as critics who are destined to be chained to the lake of fire for not taking a professional unbiased approach when critiquing the results of my hard work then quietly limp away in morbid deadly frustration. 
This site and associated social network pages are for your enjoyment and celebration of the longevity of the entertainment and music career of M.C. Too Tall and associated individuals. Not to spew lies about us. That being said, all comments within good taste are welcome and remember censorship is an outrage!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Social Media and the Sillieness That Comes With It.

As you know, I've been in the game a while now. I was in 2 groups, one of which I reactvated as a music project, had a highly successful and lucrative solo career as a hardcore white rapper mailing songs that have accidentally appealed to the gothic community with 6 albums, each one more successful than the last and much of my solo career was advertised on social media. At least half of my 6 solo albums were discovered through MySpace and the other half through a number of outlets, Facebook being the first that comes to mind. I've expanded across quite a few networks as you never know which could sit dormant for years and then start popping. I'm on Facebook and MySpace, as mentioned and I'm also on VampireFreaks, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, UStream, Pinterest and Tumblr. I'm on enough networks to go totally nuts withbthe spread of my influence to, through the power of my great music, get anything I want from virtually anyone I want in this world. lol lol lol... Look, man, the people who are the top brass at Facebook and VampireFreaks have a deep seething hatred for me. I don't know what's up with that but through absolutely no fault of my own, I am, as of this past Saturday, suspended from Facebook and VampireFreaks. Man, it's like I'm sitting in 2 jails at once. Doing hard time in the penn! I just might make you my bitch! lol lol lol... But seriously, I would like to say, for the record, I think it's bullshit. 

Such uncalled for suspensions tell me that people involved with these sites are with the illuminati further proving that good artists, like me, who make music that is actually good for the people are kept down and held back by the illuminati and thus, I bring the grand deception and great conspiracy to the attention of the people who are not in on the sham, a sham that has costed literally millions in human life. The president is a final decision maker of nothing. The prime minister of England is equally as powerless. Both have less authority than the queen of England who has roughly the same authority, more or less, as various sultans and kings throughout the world who all have less authority than the Catholic pope. Although I'm not sure of the authority of this one. He came from Latin America and thus, the illumined ones, being the racist fucks they are, probably don't respect him. Then, of course you've got the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergs, Masons, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, Brotherhood of the Snake and all these incestrial brotherhoods that are all part of the same damn thing which is the illuminati and they don't respect your beliefs. They're a bunch of devil worshippers of incorrect sexual orientation. If they want to be incorrect in both their faith and who they fuck, that's their business but it becomes a problem when they condition the children to be of this incorrect way or try to make me accept this in my most sacred of sanctuaries. They are also fucking with the communication between me and my followers, all those loyal Johnkrantzians who need to hear from me each and every day. That's just wrong. It's silliness. 

Watch out for the illuminati.  

5:17 pm edt 

Monday, June 11, 2018

John Travolta at Lenny's Pizzeria

If I show up to this John Travolta thing tomorrow, I refuse to be one of the guys that get pushed aside and told "Don't bother him". If that happens, I leave without any evidence that I was there. 

People are inviting me but if I'm gonna be standing there in the hot sun for hours, I'm gonna make it more worth my while than just a glimpse of a movie star who people see as a hero of the neighborhood because he shot his share of scenes in the neighborhood. 

Let me also add that anybody who views this as a put down of John Travolta or the experience is missing the whole point. I rub elbows with my share of people in the entertainment industry as well. I'm an entertainer myself. I'm not some ham and eager that never did anything with my talents. I could've done more but I still did considerably more than nothing. All I'm saying is that I have a distinction and I deserve my share of recognition for that distinction. That's all. Not "Get the Hell away from him! Can't you see he's busy?" Ya know? 

10:25 pm edt 

Monday, April 16, 2018

RIP Lynn Haze

A good friend of mine, Lynn Haze passed away the other night. He was the former bass guitarist for the band, Imbolg and had a solo music career. He was also a fashion designer and spoke often of starting his own fashion line. He and I also spoke of redoing his song, "Daggers", raising the tempo and adding a dancehall reggae beat to it and some bass to give it a club-friendly sound. I may still try that in the coming months. I've had the privilege of meeting his sister Bridget early this year with him at Café DiGiorno in Brooklyn and we had such a great time in the early morning hours. Bridget even ordered us all pizza. Lynn was living deep in a remote town in New Jersey past Tom's River and spoke of missing New York and his plans to finish his higher education and coming back to New York. There were some big plans to continue his music career as well. Lynn will be greatly missed. May the journey to the afterlife be a safe and enjoyable one, my friend. RIP 

10:14 pm edt 

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Trials and Tribulations or Mr. Danceman

I have known Mr. Danceman since 2007, I signed him to Crowned Eagle Entertainment in 2009 as a recording artist, a hype man and a spokesperson. If you hear the song "GTS", that's him. Since he's not a full time main artist at this label, unlike me, this is not his main source of income. He works at some entertainment company somewhere out there in Long Island or whatever. Mr. Danceman has for the moment stepped away from Crowned Eagle Entertainment to avoid conflict of interest issues that may arise later on. Glenn Rossi and I are and will remain good friends and I did not kick him out and he did not quit on me. This is just a temporary stepping down from Crowned Eagle until further notice. Meanwhile some of the audio, video and photos that feature his likeness have been removed. 

Thank you and have a nice day.  

11:13 pm est 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I'm gonna keep it general.

This past year turned out to be one failed experiment and I don't care who takes it personally. Oddly, I am still hopeful for healing. There are people I owe an apology to and still some seaweed that needs to be shed and I hope, in the coming year to get around to doing that.

Outside of a few spuratic gigs with D.J. El Nene and Baby Boy Entertainment, I honestly don't foresee doing a lot of public music performances in the months to come. If I should it would take some slow and strategic planning. For starters, Crowned Eagle Entertainment's flagship party event, ElevAtioN will continue the course it has the last couple of times as a joint effort with Baby Boy Entertainment with El Nene as the main DJ. Then, once my batteries are charged to full capacity, I may consider in the late spring or early summer to relaunch Red Planet Tuesdays but that is a big maybe. 

Lord in Holy Heaven knows I have the itch to rock a mic for my people, my many many fans who understand and respect my music and my ways but alas (I've always hated that word), your Master of Sound Quality has some serious adulting to do. No instructions how, please, if anyone at all is reading this. Before all that adulting, I must breathe. Too many concerned friends out there who insist their road to happiness and satisfaction is the one and only one I must travel. It might not be. The possibility of it not being is way too strong to jump in without first taking as many deep breaths as I need. 

I have a plan and that plan is already in motion. Solely because it is not necessarily for my every move to be public knowledge, I will, at this juncture, keep my coming plans private. Thank you all, my adoring fans for understanding. 

... and like my FB page.

Thank you. Good luck. 👌🏻  

3:36 pm est 

Lil Peep, 6ix9ine and Me.

I'm gonna try to call this down the middle about Lil Peep. Though influential, he was also impressionable and he was surrounded by irresponsible young "adults" who gassed him up and egged him on to do dumb ish that eventually killed him like umm... eat f'kin' XANAX! Lots and lots of it. And what a "kewl" video his suicide made. Right? I was being facetious. I could give a rat's ass about his music but his downward spiral into inevitable death is still sad. Sad because it was preventable. The industry doesn't seem to want superstars to emerge anymore. They don't need that cash cow anymore because you got the internet now which is a free for all. They don't have to worry about cultivating an artist anymore. All they need to do is whip up an upload website and make money off the vast farmland of indies via these sites in which advertisers pour their money in. So their attitude is like if they get an indie that generates enough clicks off of three songs to generate not even seven but six figures (because there's a hell of a lot more than just one) and drops dead, who cares? They made their money! What if someone gets only about thirty-nine clicks and then drops dead at the ripe old age of 23? Well, they see that as one less liability wasting their valuable internet space. 


What about 6ix9ine? Well, if that's lean I see him drinking in his YouTube vids and K2 he's smoking, he needs to cut that out and focus. He's poppin' now which means they made their internet money off if him. They don't need that cash calf anymore. I doubt he's affiliated with any secret societies but if there are any, they're already aware of him. Me? I'm still under the radar. Though it's a much smaller number of people than those who approve, that pretty hefty chunk of those who disapprove could be a blessing in disguise. Who knows? 


 Like my FB page 


2:51 pm est 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We're in December 2017.
Those of you interested in donating to the cause of Crowned Eagle Entertainment and it's chairman can go back to the main page there there's. PayPal link. It's is simple as that and thank you! 
7:28 pm est 

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Have a great day! 

5:56 am est 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

About Kleng and VampireFreaks...

I come to find I am temporarily suspended again from VampireFreaks. For those who don't know, it's a site with fucked up moderators with their cliques and phony European style gossip and bullshit. So I said something about this fucked up person named Kleng on there and she's a fuck and she's fucked up so you might say she's a fucked up fuck for fucking with me in 2015 and so I addressed her fuckedupness recently in 2017 and apparently someone was fucked up enough to think my shit was fucked up enough to temporarily suspend me. This isn't my first and I guarantee won't be my last suspension from this site that is monitored by fucked up people. These people who moderate the site are not the gold standard of whatever the fuck it is they're supposed to represent. The site is plagued... PLAGUED with fucked up people who cyber bully on a regular basis. The group pages are called "cults" and there's this one "cult" called nyc that is moderated by fucked up people who aren't even from New York and I doubt the cunts ever even visited here. I'm counterculture to the fucking core. I'm the bombastic bastard counterculture scumbag they fear might say something too "shocking" that their nerdy asses can't handle. What it is to be goth cannot be found anywhere on that site, Kleng is a fucking idiot and a fucked up fuck of an idiot at that and God will punish all who are responsible for this latest temporary suspension from the VampireFreaks website.  

7:20 pm est 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Website Crap

So, according to some website analysis, this site is not popular. It generates no money but the attached iTunes and spreadshirt sites do pull in money. I'm due to pay about $225 for this site in February and I will pay it.

...and that's it.  

5:36 pm edt 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

4:02 am edt 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Me in a nutshell...

What's up? 

I'm a gothic industrial white rapper over 40 that tattooed women ages 30 and under often openly express sexual desire and passion for. 

I believe in God, I think all Bible quotes are great, I like violence, profanity and premarital sex and I get all my knowledge about the evils of the illuminati from a book called Behold A Pale Horse written by a great man named William Cooper. 

Watch out for the illuminati, may the God that man did not create bless your righteous soul so that you may have a better afterlife in Holy Heaven, don't make fun of my nose, I'm not Jewish, I'm not gay 

...and thanks for being a loyal reader and follower of this blog. 

3:59 am edt 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

10 Years of Astounding Entertainment!

At this time, it is my pleasure to announce to you, the fans and supporters of the great entertainment entity, the record label and live music and party promotion company known the world over as Crowned Eagle Entertainment that, as of today, we have reached our 10th year. On behalf of all of us, Glenn Danceman Rossi, Richard Spoke Boos, Frankie Robo Lauretta, Luna Vega, Kirsten Wicked and Chaz C to the Z Nicola, I would like to say thank you for all these years of support. It was pretty tough in the beginning but we got through together and we couldn't have done it without your support and we thank you again for that and for the continued support. 

John Too Tall Krantz, Master of Sound Quality, founder and chairman of Crowned Eagle Entertainment.  

2:55 am est 

Monday, January 2, 2017


What can be said about 2016 besides it sucked? That's all I'm saying. We need a break. We need a rise. We need some hope here. Pick yourself up by your boot straps! You have less because you deserve less. You didn't even work for what you got, you ingrate! Drop dead, asshole! I hate you! 

Thanks for the continued support. 😆 

7:10 pm est 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


This is gonna be a long one so if you wanna keep scrolling, do it now... 


About William Cooper... 

I'd sooner believe what he wrote in his book and talked about on his radio broadcasts than the concept of Democratic Party and Republican Party leaderships being opposed to one another. The people who shot and killed him outside his house in Eagar Arizona were not local law enforcement just doing their job taking down a dangerous criminal. They were hired assassins who killed an innocent man in cold blood because the real dangerous criminals didn't like what he was writing, distributing and broadcasting to a naive but curious people of the United States. 🇺🇸 

This isn't some newfangled discovery. His book, Behold A Pale Horse was first brought into my house by my brother, Louis Krantz in 1993. The book itself was published in 1988 and revised in 1990. It points out a lot of the same things most self proclaimed liberals today say about George Herbert Walker Bush who, at the time of the revised edition, was the incumbent President of the United States. The book was misplaced and so I picked up a copy of my own in 2004. This was years after Cooper's death and years before I met anyone at all who criticized me for not dismissing this great man's writings as something to use if I run out of toilet paper. 

I'll go one further. My respect for William Cooper, Tony Robbins and Jesus Christ over all these phony TV and YouTube personalities is not the only reason but a big reason why I'm not happily married right now and why it's so hard for me to find work. I stop what some would call "nonsense" and I'll be back in my own home, eating a hot meal, gainfully employed, bills and taxes with my wife sitting by my side within less than a week but I don't want that. That's living a lie. I hate fraud and the people who perpetuate a fraud. They are immoral and serve as the main reason why society will plummet into world wide slavery. We're not there yet but we're getting there. People who perpetuate a fraud are hypocrites who I feel are fair game to be called on it and heckled in the streets until they go back into their miserable dwellings of squaller. 

When under attack for any specific details I speak on, I take a step away, step back into public forums such as this and simply say "Watch out for the illuminati". My similar beliefs to the greater portion of the investigative community are the basis of several songs I've published. "By Design", "Last Days In Time" and "Drone" are just a few of my own songs that come to mind. Work by my contemporaries would include "The Scientist (AIDS)" by Sabac Red and "The CIA is Trying to Kill Me" by Non Phixion. 

In a nutshell, William Cooper is now dead. As mentioned, he was unjustifiably gunned down in cold blood but his body of work, his book, his newsletters, his recorded lectures and his broadcasts must never die. For it is more essential than the preservation of any art, music or sports statistics because without our freedom for which great people have fought, there is no art, music the way they are meant to be with free expression. I'm John Krantz aka the real M.C. Too Tall. Stay strong and don't be a dick or a sleazy coke head devil worshiping queer male prostitute. You deserve to spend the rest of your pertty life homeless with a bloody nose if you do that. 


8:43 pm est 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Things That Happen


I'd like to take the time to say a lot has happened to me in 2016. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to an end of this year pain and disgust, not taking anything away, however, from the few good points of 2016. 

The year began with me trying to forgive and forget. This was before finding out just how immoral my legal spouse was. I've never done anything lower than what she has done to me. She continued to side with the other immoral scum who slandered me on social media. Then it is revealed she is getting the living shit fucked out of her outside the marriage. She sacrificed her body to a lesser being in a joke of an attempt to make a fool of me. Let me make one thing clear, if it isn't already obvious. Each and every person who fucked any of my exes are all wimps compared to me. All my exes downgraded after separation from me. It turns out this scrawny wimp that's fucking my immoral legal spouse is the same scum that followed me all over social media slandering me. I don't care how many fans I lose for saying this. She is an acid filled cunt. There. I said it. Though she has already lost like the goofy dorky loser she is, I'm still pissed at the betrayal. Speaking of betrayal... 

My legal spouse had an arch rival believed to have been dead since 2013. Turns out she's alive and led me to believe she was hellbent on ruining her. I saw it as only natural to keep her around to piss the legal spouse off. This one sought out every excuse to be in conflict with me and finally accused me of wishing her dead. She even aligned herself with my legal spouse and her wimpy weasely boy toy Oi. Thus, as of this writing, I do not intend to unblock this unclean traitor from Facebook until after she dies.

On a lighter note. Edwin El Nene Rodriguez is a friend of mine. In my venture at Sidelines Bar, I worked with his girlfriend Melissa. Around April, I started working with El Nene setting up his equipment. He's a DJ. He spins Hip Hop, House and Freestyle. I made new friends and got reacquainted with old ones. My experiences working with El Nene in 2016 were great. The goth scene people obviously don't miss me. The ones who would rather stay home than see me prove in their actions to be posers. On a more serious note, I was with Edwin when he got the call that his son died in a work related accident. Loss of an offspring is not something I would wish on anyone, period, friend or foe. He also lost his nephew in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway. I give a great deal of credit to my friend for showing such strength. He is one of those friends that are very giving and very protective too and thus, he is one of those friends worth diving in front of a bullet for. His 2 year anniversary with his girlfriend, Melissa is coming up Dec 17th at cafe la notte II. He intends to DJ that night. I intend to be there. 

Finally. I am dating and living with Rhea L. Berk-Farha (ScaRhea Thornz), someone I've known since 1988. We have a great time nearly every night and she is undeniably a picture of class. I want to build a whole new life around her and be with her the rest of my life. 

 Letting people back in. I am communicating with D.J. Spaz and Italian Ice again. These gentlemen are necessary components of my life. Speaking of Italian Ice, he and I announced just yesterday that we are starting a new harsh EBM project and we're calling it Carbon Footprint. Look for it in 2017. That and new PHO stuff too.  

I want to make 2017 a year of working with my good friend, Edwin, cranking out PHO and Carbon Footprint hits and hugging and kissing Rhea and rolling all over the living room floor with her. 

Okay. Take care for now.

John Krantz (M.C. Too Tall)  


8:22 am est 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Afrika Bambaataa
For those unfamiliar with who Afrika Bambaataa is, he is credited with Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc of being one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop music and culture. His group, the Soul Sonic Force had a string of hits in the early 1980s, most notably "Planet Rock", "Looking For The Perfect Beat" and "Renegades Of Funk" which would many years later be covered by Rage Against The Machine. He has also collaborated with the likes of artists such as Curtis Blow, James Brown and John Lydon (Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols). In addition to the music, he is a founding member of the Universal Zulu Nation, an organization out of Bronx River Projects that is credited for helping inner city youth and organizing parties and doing other positive community work. 
I recall going to see Afrika Bambaataa in 2008 in Manhattan at one of his rare DJ gigs and shaking his hand. Considering all the contributions Afrika Bambaataa is credited for in Hip Hop and in music in general, at that time, I felt like a kid in the 1930s who just shook hands with Babe Ruth. 
This past spring, allegations arose that Afrika Bambaataa (Kevin Donovan/Lance Taylor) molested male adolescents in his apartment. The alleged victims could quite possibly run into the hundreds and it is said that cofounders and top brass in the Zulu Nation knew about it and kept it a secret for decades. However, most of those who came forward with their testimonies, Brother T and Brother Poppy in particular, are credible sources of information regarding this matter. I have to say, while I didn't originally believe the allegations, I do now because of the testimonies of Brother T and Brother Poppy. I have serious serious doubts that they are lying. They have nothing to gain but to bring out the truth behind the Zulu Nation and Afrika Bambaataa who has been looked upon as the face of it all these decades. 
I'm both disappointed and disgusted by the whole thing. I feel the man needs to turn himself in and get help. I also feel they should fold the Zulu Nation and whoever joined the Nation with good intentions and stayed clean and clear of these inappropriate sex acts with minors should start something new or perhaps join the next biggest Hip Hop related organization, whatever that may be. Then let Afrika Bambaataa and all he was credited for spiral off into the realm of obscurity. He fucked up and I'll say it again, I'm disappointed. 
That is the word of M.C. Too Tall, people like my music and I'm hardcore, fierce and sexy. 
2:19 am edt 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sallie Scamp RIP

I have known my boy Sallie Scamp at least 24 years. He was a genuine stand up guy from the moment I first met him. He always looked out for his friends. He was just an all around nice guy. When we PHO was creating the buzz that at was, while Spoke, Robo and I were and always will be the core members, we had several honorary members and Sal was one of them. I recall all the adventures we would go on in which he played a big part. We should go through the neighborhood in my Malibu Classic taking turns waving a chrome pipe at people yelling "You don't know me!" My God! Those were some fun times! I am truly saddened to hear of his passing. He played a major role in the history of my life. Not sure if he left this earth realizing it but he was one of the more important people I. My life. He will be greatly missed. RIP Sallie Scamp - M.C. Too Tall  

2:32 am edt 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Defcon, Pyramid Club, Mentoring and Learning...
Tomorrow night, I make my first Defcon appearance of 2016 at the world famous Pyramid Club in beautiful New York City where Madonna is fabled to have consumed the greater portion of her illicit drugs early in her career. I was invited out by my cute little Asian lesbian friend, Ginger who officially acknowledged me as her mentor. I like mentoring people. I've done enough in this lifetime thus far to take on that role which I've been doing at least since 2013 and I won't get into who, what or why but credit to that friend of mine, she has acknowledged it, has been immensely successful when applying what I advised and appreciates the continuing support and I am oh so proud of her. She, like a handful of others, including now Ginger will always be like kin to me. 
There is no teacher that hasn't been taught and as much as I've learned in this lifetime, I'd be a fool to say I'm done learning. Looking back on what I've done for others shows me what constructive things I'm capable of and thus from that I can learn that I should find a way to look more at that instead of taking in all the negative poison these herbs drinkin' Haterade try to inject into the comments section(s) of my posts. 
I'm learning also that while I am somewhat of a public figure there are other public figures in my community or scene or whatever it's called who may be almost at my level of notoriety who outright dislike me and while I can go the rest of my life disagreeing with their reasoning behind it, there is nothing I can do about it and that I may never win them over... But it is not necessary to win them over. They do their thing (even though in most cases, history shows people who reject my help fall on their faces and I'm not making this up) and I do mine. We stay out of each other's way and there is no harm, no foul. 
Anyway, back to Defcon! Defcon is the longest running active recurring industrial music DJ dance party in New York City. It's host, DJ Stalagmike is a good friend of mine and he has an incredible playlist of songs and he takes requests. His guest DJs are among the best from other local parties mixed with the finest from around the world and that is no exaggeration. One of his frequent guest DJ's a gentleman named GraveOfDeath even tends bar for this event and he is just as hardcore mixing drinks as he is mixing music. Just ask for the Megaman.  
Defcon (frequented by M.C. Too Tall) every Saturday night 
The Pyramid Club 

By train: F train to Second Avenue/Lower East Side 

Mood: Excited... Yay! 
Music: "TZDV" (Faderhead) 

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