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C to the Z

Chaz Nicola, otherwise known by his stage name C to the Z or simply CZ is of Italian heritage and from the mean streets of Brooklyn's rough Bensonhurst section. His music is reflects the complexities he has encountered in life which which he often claims is a hell on earth that we all have to go through to eventually be rewarded with a place in Heaven. C to the Z aka Chaz has collaborated with the likes of Italian Ice, M.C. Too Tall and Brown Bag All Stars' J57 (formerly known as J Logic). He is working on an album in which the majority of the music will be produced and engineered by M.C. Too Tall who is recognized nationally as the master of sound quality. Thus the backing tracks on this upcoming album wil be honed into virtual perfection by M.C. Too Tall and complimented by the mind-bending complex lyrics and unique voice and delivery of the C to the Z. The album shall be called "Imperialization". 

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