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D.J. Spoke

Though not fully active as a DJ today, Richard M. Boos has undeniably made his mark in music history and people who speak of it are not crazy. In 1994, as a teenager, this individual created a battery powered system to perform a 3 hour DJ set at Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn NY in honor of a co-worker who was leaving for bigger and better things. Using his graffiti tag name, Spoke, Richard met a man who would become a legend of music in his own right by the name of Frankie Roboe (also known as Robo). These two DJ's created some of the most talked about mix tapes of their time. Together with M.C. Too Tall who was briefly using his regular name, they formed a music trio called Puttin' Headz Out in honor of all three men's direct affiliation with the Avenue U Boys but P.H.O. never went beyond the concept level. D.J. Spoke made his last mix tape sometime in the late 90's and retired in 2000 but you can still catch him making some cameo appearances on artists' tracks today. Since Richard M. Boos AKA D.J. Spoke supports and endorses the music and ways of M.C. Too Tall, he agreed to appear on M.C. Too Tall's track, "$10 Bill" off his "Killa-Killa Outpost" album which was released in the summer of 2010.   


D.J. Spoke


Puttin' Headz Out!
Puttin' Headz Out members Frankie Robo, M.C. Too Tall (John A. Krantz) and D.J. Spoke with Sal Scamp





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