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ElevAtioN: January White Noise Edition

Thurs March 12, 2015 @ 11PM 

Aright! You'd better be prepared for this! 
Crowned Eagle Entertainment presents ElevAtioN: the Super Sonic St. Paddy's Edition featuring one of NYC's top PUNK ROCK bands, Box Of Crayons doing all their Irish punk classics such as "Bangin' Nails", "Poor Bastard Theme" and "Williamsburg". Your DJ for the evening will be Alex Von Nihil (Velocity/RnRGS). Come in, drink up and enjoy this rare appearance by a legendary band! 
Lucky 13 Saloon
644 Sacket St
Brooklyn NY 

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M.C. Too Tall at Vladapalooza 4 (2009)
Stay tuned in for the next appearance by one of our superstars (photo courtesy of The Bloody Muffs).

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