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Frankie Robo

This page is dedicated to the honorable Frankie Robo, a legendary DJ based in Brooklyn, NY who was active from 1993 to 2001. Frankie Robo started DJing with his cousin Fabrizio in the early ‘90s. His main genres of music were Techno, Rave, Hard House and some Hip-Hop doing parties from Brooklyn to Manhattan all the way to the foreign lands of Long Island.
In the mid ‘90s, under the name Frankie Roboe, this DJ was on a tear making mix tapes with M.C. Too Tall (then known as John A. Krantz) and another legendary DJ by the name of Spoke (Richard Boos). The trio became famous for these mix tapes and performed at random parties in both public and private venues. They called themselves Puttin’ Headz Out. Though P.H.O. seemed like a short lived project, there have been two songs released under the name P.H.O. featuring John A. Krantz on cassette and CD… “Live From Steeplechase Park” was released in the summer of 1996 and just slightly more than two years later, “Bring The Drama” was released. Dropping the “e” and becoming Robo again, Frankie again started making mix tapes, his most known late ‘90s mix tape was titled “RoBotz” and if you own a copy, you got yourself a piece of history and great music, not to mention, a valuable collector’s piece. 
Robo retired in the fall of 2001 but the rumors always fly that he can make an appearance at any moment. A hardcore vinyl user, Robo is no stranger to digital medium either. He is an honorary third member to the reincarnated P.H.O. with D.J. Spoke and M.C. Too Tall as it's active members thereby allowing for him to step in and contribute at any time. He is legendary, he is great, he is Frankie Robo. Believe it!