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New Logos and New Marketing Schemes

New Logos and New Marketing Schemes 

Slated for release in 2012 this album was put aside to promote JōB's Greater Good EP and is said to be released VALENTINES DAY 2014. It is M.C. Too Tall's sixth official solo album overall and the third and final installment to the Killa Series. 
The album has guest appearances from Crowned Eagle Entertainment artists, JōB, Scarlett Venom, C to the Z and old alumni, Mark "Slapnuts" DiCarlo. Some of the songs from New Logos and New Marketing Schemes like the hard thumping "Cleanse With Fire" have already gotten play in the clubs while the pre released single "You Ain't A Promoter" has developed a cult following and has been adopted as a personal anthem of sorts by struggling artists who had to deal with crooked promoters during their careers. Then there is the classic gothic tale of acceptance in "Society Does Not Understand Me" featuring former drummer for The Empire Hideous, JōB on guest vocals. You might say there is something for everyone in this one album. 


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