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Italian Ice 


Joey Passantino AKA Italian Ice emerged in the early 1990's as a break dancer and emcee at local parties. His self titled hit song dates back to about 1996 but wasn't officially recorded until about ten years later when he hooked up with the fine staff over at Step One Recording Studios in Gravesesend, Brooklyn, NY.
His dancing career had a tragic setback when a careless illegal resident ran a red light, slamming his yellow taxicab into Joey while he was innocently crossing the street. He overcame this setback by shifting his concentration over to the turntables and began mixing and scratching under the name D.J. Joey Pass. However his first love was always rapping and after a long break from the microphone recorded "Italian Ice", it's 86th St remake and "Hero King" which is an ode to his favorite deli in the world, John's Deli which upon recording "Hero King" he became a self-appointed spokesman. You can find this legend of the Bensonhurst streets at John's Deli at any given weekday afternoon often with his Jack Russell terrier, Foxy. 
Like M.C. Too Tall, Ice too has conquered the stage of some of the area's most popular night clubs. He has collaborated with M.C. Too Tall several times both on recorded music and on stage at Brooklyn's Southpaw music venue and can be heard at the end of Mr. Danceman's famous hit, "Girls That Swallow".
Recent work includes a surprise appearance Wednesday December 7, 2011 at the Brooklyn Gathering show at Southpaw as a guest rapper during M.C. Too Tall's set with D.J. Spaz and Scarlett Venom, an appearance in the movie, Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn (starring Ice T, Ja Rule and William DeMeo) and a duet with M.C. Too Tall on the track entitled "Ding Ding Dope" on the world famous album, "A Fiery Red Horse". 
Since 2011, Italian Ice has been hitting the gym and vigorously dieting and exercising subsequently losing about half his pervious body weight. He has taken up dancing again and has appeared again on stage with M.C. Too Tall as a fill-in DJ for Scarlett Venom at Manhattan's coveted No Malice Palace where the two of them rocked a capacity crowd. Next up is to work on his own album and get a new car. OK, that's it for now. Take care. Brush your hair. 


Italian Ice

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Italian Ice greets his longtime bud, Kevin Nash

Godfather Style!

Italian Ice with Lillian Garcia

Italian Ice is real nice...

Italian Ice with his buddy, Darren from Spike TV's Scrappers

Italian Ice with Sabac Red from Non Phixion & Too Tall

A true representative of Avenue U in Brooklyn!

Italian Ice with his terrier, Foxy

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