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 Luna Vega


Luna Vega is a former gogo dancer, an assistant promoter and part-time hostess. She first gained notoriety in early 2012 gogo dancing at the world famous Pyramid Club in New York's Lower East Side and doing promotional work for the long standing weekly Defcon industrial party events. She also helped promoter, Matty Rebel McCloud in building patronage at an event called Generation Wild at nearby Hotel Chantelle. 
Due to her natural ability to attract patrons, she was recruited by M.C. Too Tall in early 2013 to help promote Crowned Eagle Entertainment as it was about to venture into party events. 
She was first scheduled to host an early June industrial music fetish party called Scharlachmond Extreme at La Boheme in Brooklyn NY but the venue owners disagreed with how the event was being promoted and the event was never launched. 
However, several months later on November 8, 2013, Luna hosted the launch of Crowned Eagle party event, ElevAtioN at another Brooklyn venue called the 2FL owned by D.J. Jove. She went on to host and promote ElevAtioN for the entire time it was at that location before stepping down as full-time hostess. 
Luna continues to help promote and endorse Crowned Eagle Entertainment and is definitely still part of Crowned Eagle staff often working behind the scenes. She also works with music artist, Johnny Rabbits as a backup dancer and entertainer at his live performances. You can often find Luna Vega representing Crowned Eagle Entertainment in one of many nightclubs throughout New York City. 


Luna Vega

Luna Vega and Deanna Deadly
Luna Vega with burlesque entertainer, Deanna Deadly at Elevation. Photo by Blackheart Photographics

Luna Vega hosting her special birthday edition of Elevation 4/11/14


Voltaire and Luna
Luna Vega with renowned entertainer and author, Voltaire at a Stimulate party

Luna Vega
Luna Vega

ElevAtioN, your gateway to Gotham!
Luna Vega after a full year behind the scenes returned to host ElevAtioN for one night only!

Luna with the ElevAtioN flyers!
Luna promoting for the March 2015 edition of Elevation