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M.C. Too Tall

M.C. Too Tall 

M.C. Too Tall is a lyricist, music producer, recording engineer and event promoter.

He is also the founder and chairman of Crowned Eagle Entertainment and thus, benefits in some way from anything in which Crowned Eagle Entertainment or persons affiliated is billed. He has released 6 solo albums 1 EP as a solo artist and 2 EPs under the name of his group, Puttin' Headz Out along with other members, Frankie Robo and Spoke (Richard Boos). He is a well respected public figure. That's all you need to know thus far.

Have a great day. ��

"Yo. I'm M.C. Too Tall
M.C. Too Tall at Beefstock in Big Indian NY - Photo by Alan Rand

M.C. Too Tall.


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