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Mr. Danceman

Glenn Rickie Rossi is a dancer and emcee from Brooklyn NY who, under the name, Mr. Danceman, gained wide spread recognition when he joined forces with M.C. Too Tall, the Master of Sound Quality to release the 2009 classic hit "Girls That Swallow". More known for his dance moves (hence his stage name), he has entertained thousands upon thousands of people in dancehalls all up and down the eastern seaboard and has even strutted his stuff at Brooklyn's Keyspan Park/MCU Park (home of Mets minor league Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team).
He is also an expert on fine jewlery and classic American luxury cars and is a die-hard Yankee fan.
He hosted the Crowned Eagle Entertainment produced Brooklyn Gathering at Brooklyn's famous Southpaw music venue in December of 2009. His most recent vocal work is found on M.C. Too Tall's remake of his 2007 hit "Turn It Out" which is aptly titled "Turn It Out 2010".
Please be sure to look for Mr. Danceman at a special event near you real soon!





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