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Scarlett Venom is the wife of M.C. Too Tall. She is one of several DJs to have worked with him and since 2011 has been the primary DJ of M.C. Too Tall at live showcase appearances.  
Scarlett Venom joined Crowned Eagle Entertainment in 2010 as a dancer and supporting vocalist of M.C. Too Tall shortly after meeting him at one of the Future of Rock's SWIIM live band showcases on February 15th of that same year when he was guest hosting the event. 
Prior to her affiliation with Crowned Eagle, Scarlett has modeled for Wicked Threads under it's founder Roberta Thompson and has also modeled for Red Butterfly. In addition, she has worked as a professional dancer in some of the New York metro area's finest establishments like Lucky 13 in Brooklyn for Another Unique Concoction under the direct tutelage of it's founder, renowned party promoter, Mother Unique. From her tenure with Another Unique Concoction, she has worked alongside of and remains to this day good friends with nationally known personalities like D.J. Tim No. 37, Jennifer JennCity Arroyo and Mistress Juliya Chernetsky. 
A frequent attendee of what are now historical party events of an adult nature where gothic and industrial music was regularly played, Scarlett began developing an interest in DJing and even asked several DJs to teach her but unfortunately encountered DJs who were completely unwilling for unknown reasons to empower a young attractive woman with whatever mixing skills they perceived themselves to have. After hearing Scarlett's story about this, M.C. Too Tall, an experienced DJ and producer himself, trained her to mix with CDs and with vinyl. She now masters these as well as the midi controller. In addition, Scarlett continues to provide supporting vocals and lyrics to M.C. Too Tall 's recorded material. 
Outside of mixing, modeling, dancing and vocalist duties, Scarlett Venom is a former student of American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service and has graduated the medical assistant's program at the Career Institute for Health and Technology with the highest grades in her class. A wife, an entertainer, an achiever, an edgy edgy badass seeking more worlds to conquer! That is Scarlett Venom. 


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Scarlett Venom as a fetich clothing model at Don Hills


Scarlett Venom with M.C. Too Tall!



Scarlett Venom as a gogo dancer at Lucky 13

Scarlett Venom as a fetich clothing model at Don Hills

Scarlett Venom at Underworld in Sullivan Room


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